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Crater Lake Spirits

Crater Lake Rye Whiskey

Crater Lake Rye Whiskey

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750 ML | 40% ABV

Crater Lake Rye is straight-up, no-frills American whiskey. Forget the fancy trimmings, the collector's hype, and the pretentious tasting notes; it's not about toffee this or spicy that. This is your wind-down, sit-back-with-friends kind of whiskey. Just a glass (or two) of downright good stuff, because that's all you really need. That’s Crater Lake Rye for you. Certified kosher.

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  • Double Gold Medal: Seattle International Spirits Competition
  • Gold Medal: International Craft Competition
  • 82 Points/Silver Medal: USA Spirits Ratings
  • Silver Medal: Denver International Spirits Competition
  • Silver Medal: The North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition

Tasting Notes

Crater Lake Straight American Rye Whiskey differs from most ryes in that we use 100% rye grain in our mash bill. This gives our rye rich toffee notes and just the right amount of peppery spice that defines all great rye whiskies. The other remarkable difference is our water. Crisp and slightly minerally, it blends perfectly with the spirit to finish with a pleasing warmth instead of the sharp heat of most alcohol. 

Buying Notes

  • 80 proof
  • 40% ABV
  • 750 ML
  • Vegan and kosher
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