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Crater Lake Spirits

Crater Lake Reserve Dry Gin

Crater Lake Reserve Dry Gin

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If our Prohibition Gin is a nod to the speakeasy, then Crater Lake's Reserve Gin is the standout of cocktail hour - like Hemingway or Don Draper.  We're just jazzing things up a bit, trying on some sophistication. And you know what? It worked. We crafted a dry gin that really stands out from our contemporaries. Sure, we hoped gin would up our cool factor. Turns out, it just made us great at making gin. Gluten free. Certified Kosher.

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  • Gold Medal: SIP Awards
  • Silver Medal and 83 Points: USA Spirits Ratings
  • Silver Medal: Pr%f Awards Masked

Tasting Notes

Dry style gins have long been synonymous with London. But the many new American dry gins have redefined the dry gin paradigm. Crater Lake Reserve Gin is one of those. We weave together grapefruit, orange peel, coriander, and whole berry wild juniper to create a citrus forward New American Dry Gin that is refreshing, crisp, and innovative. 

Buying Notes

  • 90 proof
  • 45% ABV
  • Distilled from corn
  • Gluten free, vegan and Kosher
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