While most companies will regale you with tales of their grandeur and age-old traditions, we've been around. We've seen some things. And we've been slinging bottles at the same Bend, OR distillery since '96.
...To Masters of 'Meh'
We’re the vodka equivalent of that band you liked before they were mainstream—except we decided mainstream wasn't our jam. We're fine right here, in our own delightful pocket of unpretentiousness, thank you very much.
We’re About the Spirit, not the Spotlight
Our spirits? They’re the silent types, whispering tales of the pure, crisp waters and rich volcanic soils of Crater Lake. They won’t steal the limelight, but they’ll sure steal your heart with their smooth, timeless tastes and cheeky charm.
Our (Not so) Secret Recipe
We are the creators of joy for the extraordinary-ordinaries, the defenders of the uncool, cool, and the cheerleaders for the spectacularly simple. We believe in creating spirits that resonate with the happy, the quirky, the authentic, and everyone in between.
Join the Pure, Unfiltered Fun
So if you love a good laugh, a good spirit, and a good ‘dad joke,’ you’re in the right place. Welcome to the home of drinks that don’t follow the crowd- but still know how to stand out in one.